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Latte Art and Why It Matters

There are some WBC participants (World Barista Championships) that make a point of NOT adding latte art to the coffees they serve in the championships. The reason they give is that you don’t need latte art to get a excellent coffee. There is no denying this. They also say that the emphasis should be on the coffee and how it tastes, not the way it looks. This is also right.

Why then, does latte art matter? And why should the barista at your local coffee shop take the time to add a pretty pattern to the top of your coffee? The reason is simple. It is proof of their commitment to your coffee.

Regardless of how a WBC participant places, he or she is already a celebrity in the coffee world. They have got to this level because they can consistently make a world class coffee. Due to their comprehensive understanding of all the variables they have been able to carefully select the best ingredients, and have calculated the time at which they will be at their best.

We know and expect this of the WBC participants, just like we would expect a professional in any industry to have an in-depth understanding of their craft. But walking into a random coffee shop for the first time, how do we know the barista even cares? Anyone that has taken the time to taste their coffee should know that there are plenty of baristas out there that do not.

As a barista, pouring a well formed rosetta requires commitment. This single act shows that you have patience, perseverance and pride. It shows that you have got your milk perfectly textured and the definition shows that at the very least you have extracted a nice crema from your beans. It also shows that you have experience.

Without really understanding what goes into a cup of coffee, customers pick up on these things and a latte topped with a rosetta is always well received. Even if it isn’t because of this, it is because of the way people eat with their eyes. They do it all the time, it is the reason upmarket restaurants spend so much time on the presentation of their meals. It is the reason why greasy quick food outlets show (usually fictitious) pictures of vibrant, healthy looking burgers overflowing with fresh ingredients all over their menus.

It is also about getting peoples attention. After pouring a well defined rosetta, it is rare to not receive a comment about it. Even people who have seen it time and time again mention how excellent a particular rosetta or heart looks. It is even a convenient conversation point for nervous couples meeting for coffee early on in their relationship.

This attention is also a positive for the owner of any coffee shop serving coffees topped with latte art. People take pictures of the excellent looking drinks they receive and post them all over the Internet along with a description of how impressive it is and where they got it from. If the customers don’t then the (rightly) proud barista will often take a picture of his favourites and post them on a latte art web sites like ratemyrosetta.com/ RateMyRosetta.com.

Another bonus is the barista gets to receive the priceless comments, not only making him or her feel fantastic but ensuring he enjoys the job and continues to improve and perfect the art, making the barista a loyal and well serving employee to the coffee shop owner.

I guess there aren’t many reasons why you wouldn’t pour latte art. It makes sense on all levels, a perfect example of a win/win situation.. The customer feels special, and walks away knowing they have just consumed an expertly crafted coffee. The barista feels fantastic thanks to the positive feedback they receive, and continues to perfect the art of espresso coffee and on top of all of this the coffee shop owner gets repeat customers who tell all of their friends about the fantastic coffee they drink! The only expense is the extra second it may take to pour the coffee and the optional expense of training a barista or two.

As a barista, you should start practicing immediately and strive to serve the best coffee you can, every time. As a coffee shop owner, you should expect your baristas to take the time to make sure every coffee you sell is as excellent as it can be. Every customer deserves a perfect coffee. And as a customer, you should expect that the coffee you are paying for has been perfectly prepared every step of the way!

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