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Tea: How is White Licorice Tea Different from Other Teas?

If you’ve never experienced White Licorice tea, you’re in for a real treat. White licorice tea is a blend of the finest loose white tea and star anise to provide the licorice flavor. For many years, white tea was consumed nearly exclusively in Asia, but today it has gained popularity in many other countries.

White tea is different in several ways from other teas. White tea is harvested before the leaves are fully open, when the buds have fine white hair covering them, which is why it’s called white tea. This is much earlier than other teas are harvested. In addition, white tea leaves are not fermented. Their leaves are simply steamed and then dried, often right in the fields. This protects white tea’s flavor.

In addition, white tea is far rarer than other teas. This is because white tea can be plucked just once a year, in the spring. Because white tea is so rare, it is quite a bit more expensive than black teas, which are plucked several times during each growing season. In fact, historically, white tea was reserved for only the most special of occasions.

It was used for the highest tea ceremonies, serving dignitaries and often for weddings. But, for many years it was not regarded as an everyday beverage.

White tea also is lower in caffeine than other teas. White tea contains about 15 mg of caffeine per serving, while black tea contains 40 and green tea contains 20.

Finally, white tea is very different in flavor from other teas. Because the tea buds are plucked so young, and because the tea is not fermented, the flavor of white tea is far more delicate than other teas. It also has a sweeter flavor than other teas, and is paler in color. In addition, white tea has very small aroma.

The licorice in white licorice tea is also different than you’ll find in many other licorice teas. Most licorice tea is flavored with licorice root. But, white licorice tea is flavored with star anise. Star anise provides a lighter and slightly sweeter licorice flavor, for a more mellow taste. White tea and star anise are a particularly elegant and tasty together.

White licorice tea is a very healthy beverage alternative. Because of its mellow flavor, it appeals to even those who find other teas too strong. And, because white tea is not fermented, it retains more of its anti-oxidants than fermented teas.

Anti-oxidants are vital to protecting our health because they neutralize free radicals in our bodies. These free radicals are naturally occurring oxygen containing molecules that are a by product of our digestive processes. But, without enough anti-oxidants in our bodies and from our diet to neutralize the free radicals, they can hurt our cells. Their hurt results in premature aging and many forms of disease.

Because of the potent anti-oxidant power of white tea, it has been shown to prevent cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure. In addition, white tea may have the power to help you lose weight and may be able to help regulate blood sugar and prevent or relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Finally, white tea has been shown to be the most effective of all teas at improving the immune system. It has been shown fight bacteria and infection.

In recent years, there has been a fantastic deal of research performed on the health benefits of green and white tea, both of which are unfermented. Study after study has shown that lifelong consumption of white or green tea can significantly reduce the signs of aging and prevent many forms of disease.

Some studies have even shown tea to be an effective treatment for patients already suffering from some of these diseases, when used in combination with traditional medicine. It’s likely that traditional medicines are more effective when patients consume tea, too.

Licorice has long been renowned for its ability to cool the stomach from many different stomach ailments. It has been used to relieve morning sickness, motion sickness and colic in babies.

The combination of white tea’s immune boosting ability and licorice’s ability to cool the stomach makes white licorice tea a thoughtful and helpful gift for anyone undergoing chemotherapy.

You may have difficulty locating right white tea made from the best loose white tea and whole pieces of star anise. Few companies make this delicacy in exactly this combination. And, if you do find it, expect to pay a bit more for it than for lesser quality white teas or teas made with licorice root.

When you do find really excellent white licorice tea, you’ll find that it tastes fantastic whether loved hot or cold. Bring fresh cold water to a boil and let it cool for a minute. White tea should be brewed at a temperature just below the boiling point, and steeped for about three minutes.

White licorice tea is not very compact, so you’ll need to use a bit more of it for a flavorful cup. Two teaspoons per cup will satisfy most people, but you can adjust to your tastes.

White licorice tea is likely to become one of your favorite teas. It’s a rare combination of two healthy, tasty and natural products.

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