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Discover A Coffee Brewing Method That’s Just Right For You

Throughout the 1990’s, espresso makers that originated in Europe grew in popularity. But with the addition of American ingenuity the cost of the machines was lowered considerably, fortunately without significant alteration to the traditional fine flavored brews they made. These machines really changed coffee making on a broad scale. How they work is water is forced under pressure through finely ground dark roast and in a few minutes out pours a tasty, aromatic brew.

Once you have made the basic espresso turning it into cappuccinos or lattes is as simply as adding a quantity of steamed frothy milk. This was a huge step forward for coffee lovers and the variety of espresso makers available today makes for delightful experiments in gourmet coffee chemistry.

The French press or plunger is another simple device that helped to spread European coffee making methods across the globe. How it works is a metal rod extends through the centre of a glass cylinder that has a small handle on the top. Attached to the other end of the rod is a metal filter or strainer which fits snugly inside the glass container. The simplicity of this method is that you just have to place fresh ground beans in the container and then pour the hot water over the top. In contrast to the drip method, the grounds steep until the plunger is pressed through resulting in a dark, full bodied brew that can be served straight from the plunger.

One of the more uncommon brewing methods is the vacuum brewer. It has two glass or metal bowls which sit one on top of the other. The heating causes the water to rise into the upper bowl which is similar to the percolator method. When this is complete the brewer is removed from the heat and left to partially cool which in turn makes a partial vacuum drawing the hot water through the ground beans and into the lower chamber. This machine is fantastic for dinner parties because it can be carried to the table providing the guests with a fantastic visual and sensory experience as well as fine flavoured fresh coffee.

In the realm of coffee making if you take the time to do a bit of research you will soon learn none of these methods is really new. Nearly all of them in one form or another goes back centuries. The oldest recorded is the Ibrik from Turkey. In this ancient method the water is heated in a brass or copper container that has a long handle with a grooved tongue. When it is boiling the finely ground coffee beans are added directly into the hot water. After standing for a period of time to draw the unfiltered liquid is poured into cups. As you would imagine this strong brew is not for the faint palate.

With the multitude of brewing methods available to us in the modern era, you can easily see it isn’t too hard to make a gourmet cup of coffee at home. Any of the above brewing methods could be just the one to produce a cup that takes your fancy and has you addicted.

Author John likes a excellent cup of coffee and has been fortunate enough to taste gourmet brews in his travels all over the world. Why not visit Johns site where he shares his coffee drinking experiences and thoughts with you at thecoffeebrew.com thecoffeebrew.com

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