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DUI Tests

DUI Tests

Drunken driving related arrests form one of the major parts of total number of arrests made in the United States and elsewhere. As more people are found to drunk while driving their vehicles, a need was felt among the police department to set up some tests to make ascertain that there was an incidence of drunken driving involved. Such tests also assured that the arresting officer had enough evidence on his hand to prove that there was indeed an incident of drunken driving. Several tests and exams are carried out to check drunken driving and its effects.

While detecting drunken drivers is very simple in some circumstances such as heavy and uncontrolled drunkenness, this is not really simple when the person has very small influence of alcohol. But, irrespective of the state of drunkenness, authorities have formulated five clear cut ways by which an arresting officer can run some tests on the erring driver. Also called DUI tests, these series of tests are also known as Field Sobriety Test.

There are five known methods of gathering evidence in a drunken driving case. The simplest way by which an incidence of drunken driving can be tested is by checking the driving pattern of the driver. A typical drunken driver usually drives the car by jumping the lane or by erratic driving. Surprisingly, these drivers are not excess speed violators while they are drunk. The second method is to identify all those telltale signs of drunkenness like bloodshot eyes, thick and/or slurred speech, flushed face, fumbling with a wallet to get the driver’s license, unsteady gait, leaning on the car for support and difficulty following directions.

Some of the most well-known field sobriety tests that are conducted by the arresting officer are walk-and-turn, touch-the-nose, one-leg-stand, horizontal stare nystagmus (following an object like a pen or finger from side-to-side with your eyes), fingers-to-thumb and hand pat. Many arresting officers are also using a roadside breath-testing device called Breath Analyzer. Called as Preliminary Alcohol Screening units, these instruments give a rough indication blood alcohol concentration. Though this test is not reliable, some agencies still use this test.

Police officer can also question many incriminating questions and statements to the suspects. But the suspect is not really required to answer those incriminating statements. The last type of the DUI test is chemical test that checks either the blood or breath to check for the residues of alcohol. But, even this test is sometimes very unreliable and legally untenable. The residue that is checked for alcohol is the methyl group of the alcohol that is consumed.

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