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Chicken Meat? Fried? Grilled? Barbecued? Delicious But

How safe is chicken meat eating?

With the ever growing world-wide population, food can be a scarcity if not sufficiently produced. It is with such a factor in mind that supplies of meat and other foods are heading into super productions. Can you imagine eggs-laying hens are now manipulated to lay more than one egg a day? These hens are fed with highly fortified minerals and hormone boosters that induce the hens to lay 2 to 3 eggs a day. One day, man will invent eggs laying machines, I wonder if one will live long enough to dare to taste one..

What about the supply of chicken meats? The demand of chicken meats in our market has encouraged more farmers to go into rearing them in commercial scales that purely target for meats. These farmers could not afford any loss so these chicken are fed by pellets of noxious industrial feed laced with hormones and antibiotics. Growth hormones are given to fasten the growth of the chicken while antibiotics to prevent these chicken from getting ill and dying. No farmers are willing to accept any loss. Eyeing for profits is one of the main motive too.

Anyone who wants to learn the whole hideous truth about this foul business can be referred to John Robbins’ books.

Just to copy some of what he said. “the ways chickens are produced for market today is even more of a horror tale than pigs and cows. Up to 40,000 chickens are cooped up in steel cages in multi-storied ‘poultry prisons’, with two or three ‘jail-birds’ cramped into each cell.

Over 800 million chickens are killed in the UK for their meat every year. They are cooped up in steel cages in their prisons no larger than an A4 sheet of paper. These poultry chicks are selectively bred and pumped full of drugs to reach ‘slaughter size’ in less than 41 days. Today, these chickens are slaughtered when their eyes are still blue and they ‘chirp’. Really these chickens are chicks in adult bodies. Due to their obese body, most of them are crippled as their legs cannot support their body weight. Can you imagine that?”

Some quick-food restaurants require only 26 days ancient chicken to be fried and served to the customers. Most of us never looked into the actual origin of these foods. Spring chickens are also in demand in some restaurants. I wonder if you have had personally participated in the rearing and slaughtering of those chicken that you yourself will be courageous enough to eat them.

So, it is best that one tries to ‘learn the truth’ of these chicken meats that nearly all housewives cook for their lunch or dinner. And feeding their family members with growth hormones and antibiotics found left in chicken meats. These meats are really endangering our health one way or other. Housewives should be alerted about these truths. Knowing or unknowing, we ought not to go for too much meat dishes for our meals. Too much of anything is never too excellent.

Free-range chickens? yes, here is the only source of healthy meats. They are not only healthy but very tasty and fresh. Free-range chickens are still found in some rural areas. They are fed with corn and left to roam in the farm in search for worms and insects and can only be eaten after 6 months. One would be lucky if one can get reliable sources from trusted friends. Free-range eggs are real nutritious protein sources too.

Because of this, some farmers also rear their own supposing free-ranged chickens for sale. Do not be cheated by those vendors that promised you of farm-raised chickens and sold to unaware customers at a most unreasonable price. Look at its beak, are they ‘maimed’ and its feet, ancient enough to grow another ‘tip’? These birds though resembled free-ranged chicken are really reared in a larger cage than jail-birds. They are also fed with those ‘drugs’ to boost their immune system and grow as quick as it could. The only difference perhaps is that these breeds are local and looks more slender and tall.

Reckon twice, why are we taking these risks in endangering our family or loved ones with these chicken meats? If they are from unknown sources, I would advice you not to spend unnecessary money to buy unhealthy foods. Money spent can be easily earned, but health lost cannot be that easily replaced. Just try to know that there are many other choices out there, healthier and fresher foods, for a healthier and more pleased you!

Lucy Wong is a health and nutrition consultant. Her interest in health related issues include the development of mental health. She is also keen in sharing Multiple Qs, she is also an educator and has written many articles on this subject in her personal column under “alternative health” in ezine-articles.org ezine-articles.org Read more about ezine-articles.org/ezinearticles/alternative-health/ mental health articles in her personal column and learn the secrets of maintaining excellent mental health.

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