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Gourmet Coffee Beans – 10 Reasons to Stop That Morning Run to the Local Coffee Shop

1. Coffee beans from many of the well loved local coffee shops are just plain bitter and over roasted. Darker doesn’t necessarily mean better, many times just bitter.

Don’t believe me? Just question Consumer Reports. In February 2007, a panel of trained testers place a cup of Starbucks up against some STRONG competition: McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Burger King. McDonald’s wins with their Premium Roast being labeled ‘cheapest and best.’ Starbucks finishes dead last after being judged as “strong, but burnt and bitter enough to make your eyes water instead of open.” I guess most expensive doesn’t always mean best.

2. Save money. More than you realize. Really!

On average, a cup at a shop is going to run you about two bucks. Two cups a day, 6 days a week(let’s pretend your religion doesn’t allow you to drink coffee on Sundays) comes to nearly $1250 a year! Now suppose you’re a college kid spending the money from student loans that will accrue interest over the next 20 years. I don’t even want to go there(no one told me about this when I was going to college.) Brew your own and place that 4 bucks a day into a compound interest savings, and you’ll have a balance of over $55,000 by the time you’re 40. Try it out for yourself: www.interestcalculator.turbo-traffic.com

3. Two bucks for a supposedly “TALL” cup of coffee? (and just by what standards do they consider what they serve “TALL”?)

An average pound of gourmet coffee beans runs anywhere from around $10 to about $20. The average home brewer can make around 10 pots of coffee from a single pound of gourmet coffee beans, which in turn should give you around 10 cups of coffee for each pot. That’s 100 6 oz. cups of coffee from one pound of coffee beans. Ok, now what does that mean? Coffee chains are making astounding profits from every pound of beans they roast, grind and sell. Makes you want to go into the coffee business doesn’t it? Ok. So brew at home, and you end up paying about 10 to 25 CENTS per cup of coffee. Brew at home and even the most expensive, rare coffee you can find (such as the Kopi Luwak bean) and it’ll still only cost you under 4 bucks for a 12 oz. cup. (by the way, if you don’t know where Kopi Lowak comes from, I won’t tell you about that now. I don’t want to be the ‘butt’ end of a joke, especially one that will run you around $150-$180 per pound!) This all sounds much better to me, doesn’t it to you, too? And guess what? It will all TASTE MUCH MUCH BETTER!

4. Shouldn’t most people want FRESH coffee?

Coffee bean’s two greatest enemies are air and moisture. How long has that cup of java been sitting there warming before you get it? The only way to know you’re truly getting fresh ground coffee is to buy the beans online where they are roasted and shipped the same day and grind yourself. It is best to buy fresh-roasted gourmet coffee beans in amounts that you will use within 7 to 10 days. I personally recommend grinding only what you need and storing the rest of the whole beans in an airtight container. I used to reckon storing the remaining coffee beans in the freezer or fridge was best to keep them fresh. I learned the worst thing for beans is any extreme temperature, or exposure to air, light, moisture or strong odors.

5. Impress your date with your homemade brew!

Ok, coffee may not be the best thing to sip before that first excellent-night kiss, but the knowledge you can share about how you made the perfect cup of joe can be perfect first date conversation! Imagine what might happen if you tell her that you even roasted your own beans? Just make sure to make a prior investment in a excellent sugarless gum or mint to follow up the cupping(the coffee tasting…what were you thinking?)

6. It really doesn’t make you cooler than you already are.

Ok. Call me crazy, but do you reckon that a large part of those that are hooked on Starbucks could possibly just be hooked on the pretentiousness associated with the whole thought of being a coffee drinker? That might upset a few people, but we’re being honest here, right? Forget what people reckon and just make your own. Drink what tastes best to you, period. Then, make a fancy mark with your logo and slap it on the side of your coffee cup. You’ll be impressed with your own branding. Hey, you own the company, right? And no one has to repeat back to you what you just ordered…unless you just want to stand in the mirror and impress yourself.

7. Grinding, brewing, even roasting your own coffee can be fun.

The investments you make in the beginning in coffee equipment(whatever matches your budget) can last you a lifetime and become quite a fantastic leisure activity. People LOVE to talk about coffee(especially the Kopi Lowak I’ve found.) Just how much can you go into depth about how they poured and served you that last cup of coffee at Starbucks. That tale might last you all of say…30 seconds? Learning about the history of coffee can lead to fantastic conversations with friends, family, or even to share to the world in an article like this!

8. No waiting in line.

The only waiting you’ll be doing is when you’re grinding and brewing. But then, you’ll be grinding and brewing, so that’s not really considered waiting is it?

9. Conserve energy, help fight global warming, and support charities.

Ok, grinding and brewing your own coffee at home probably won’t achieve any of these things, but you should do them anyway. I just wanted to mention that.

10. Did I mention it will TASTE BETTER?

I guarantee it! If you’re not completely amazed with the difference you’ll see between you’re own freshly ground and brewed coffee and the bitter, dreadful stuff you’ll be exposed to commercially, I will…well, I’ll be really shocked. And sad. And probably feel really terrible. But I’d feel worse if I had to start drinking bitter coffee, so now I feel so better again. Really though, I reckon you’ll be glad you did. I personally recommend trying Kona blend gourmet coffee beans. I absolutely like pure Kona coffee, but it’s a bit expensive, and a Kona blend still gives you a fantastic taste that’s easily affordable. Then pick up the best coffee maker you can afford and delight in!

William Thompson

Kansas City, MO.

makemydaycoffee.com” target=”_blank Make My Day Coffee.com

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William Thompson has been working as a 3D Artist and Animator for most of his career. His work can be seen seen adastra3d.com HERE. Working many late nights on well loved video games required massive intakes of caffeine, which led to his passion of finding the perfect coffee. That passion turned into a business selling convection roasted gourmet coffee beans and and the best coffee makers to brew them. Stop by and try our makemydaycoffee.com/arabica_blends.html gourmet coffee beans today and let us know what you reckon.

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