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Tips And Menu Ideas For The Barbecue Grill

Below are some fantastic free tips and menu thoughts for the barbecue grill so if any ladies out there have read my article entitled “Modern Man And The Barbecue Grill” you’ll already be on your way to converting your man from the fire pits to the BBQ King with some simple barbecue recipes.

I’ve already spoken about the patience that’s required when it comes to lighting the grill and the need to heat up the coals and get rid of the fire. Remember, “coals are hot, flames are not!” and we’re on the road to a successful BBQ cookout.

So what’s the next step? The best tip I can give is to take time to plot the menu, reckon carefully about what you’re going to cook.

But isn’t it simpler just to do burgers and sausages? No! In fact burgers and sausages are quite hard for to reasons:-

1. Relatively speaking they’re high in stout compared with other foods. Now I know we need stout to drip onto the coals to make the smoke to give the flavour but too much stout and the BBQ will flare up – a sure fire way to cook up a burnt offering.
2. They’re made from minced meat and that means they must be cooked through. Food poisoning is generally caused by the bacterium e-coli that grows on the surface of the meat. Cook the outside of a steak and you can safely eat the inside raw but reckon about a burger, with mince, everything is on the outside.

So if you’re not yet convinced about your man’s BBQ capabilities choose a meat that doesn’t need to be cooked through to be safe. Try beef, lamb or fish.

Back to the “coals are hot, flames are not” theme it’s vital to start the grill on its highest position away from the coals. This means that the meat will be cooked slowly therefore giving you the best guarantee that it will be cooked through and should there be a “flare up” you are as best protected as you can be from burning. Of course if the food doesn’t cook, lower the grill step by step until you get the sizzle, in other words start gently and slowly work up the heat.

Finally to make for a really flavorful cookout, why not try a marinade? Marinades not only add flavor they also tenderize and all that’s needed is a small thinking ahead for preparation time. There’s a excellent few websites out there offering free barbecue recipes so it’s simple to find different menu thoughts.

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