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A Loose Leaf Tea Experience

In America, just about 90 percent of folks drink their tea brewed by tea bag. It is the same routine, pour hot water into a cup and dunk the bag for a few minutes until the water turns a dark red color, add sugar and delight in.

My question is, what are these folks enjoying?

A few years back, I too was the victim of tea bag tea. I, being an American, remained ignorant of the right way tea was meant to be loved. Not only would I have tea just when I was sick, but along with the 90 percent of Americans I would brew it using fannings.

Fanning are tiny pieces of dried out tea leaves which always end up inside of the tea bags folks use to make their daily brew. Fannings are the lowest grading of tea, and for excellent reason. They may add a nice full color to your cup, but as for flavor, well, very small.

There are not many natural oils left in these particles to offer a cup that treats the palate. Also, research shows that most of the health benefits of tea are reduced when they are broken down in to such small pieces.

So is there really a better way to delight in tea and reap the benefits? Yes…

Thanks to an article I read in a newspaper while at work, I was introduced to loose leaf tea. The article was focused around the most delicate form of tea called white tea. Not only did I learn in this article that all tea came from the same Camellia sinensis tea plant, but I also learned about the flavorful and healthy benefits of loose leaf tea. That is when a whole new world opened up for me. I have learned a new beverage!

Later that day I went on the internet and found an online tea outlet which offered over a hundred varieties of loose teas. Not really knowing much about this form of tea at the time, I placed an order for white peony loose leaf tea, and bought a cup with an infuser.

When it arrived, I brewed it carefully and keenly took my first sip. My first impression of an airy aroma accompanied by a subtle sweet taste was one I did not expect nor will I forget. “This is tea”, I said out loud, and by the time that cup was finished I became hooked! Since then, I have experienced over one hundred varieties of tea to date.

Tea is a 5000-year-ancient beverage and the second most consumed drink in the world; playing second fiddle only to water. Brewing it using whole loose leaves in an infuser is simply the best way to consume and delight in this fantastic beverage. There are literally thousands of varieties of tea, all which are processed from the four main white, green, oolong, and black types.

Comparing loose leaf tea to the tea bag is like comparing gourmet coffee to instant coffee. It’s like comparing a meal from a fancy restaurant to one from a quick food place. The difference is night and day. Remember this, the only thing that should be dunked in a tea cup is a sweet biscuit or crumpet, not a bag.

Loose leaf tea offers a superior cup full of flavor and health benefits. The brew is rich in powerful antioxidants which many studies suggest can aid in a healthier lifestyle. While tea is not an actual preventative or cure for any deadly health ailment, it has proven to at least help decrease the odds.

Tea for me is like having a warm friend by my side whenever I want. Since I quit smoking, I needed an alternative and tea fits that spot perfectly. Thanks to tea I gave up coffee in the morning and switched to the healthier alternative, black tea.

Loose leaf tea also makes me feel excellent, keeps my immune system up, and always gives me something new to look forward to since there are still many hundreds of varieties of tea I’m yet to sample! Tea, in my opinion is the best beverage period! A super drink for all.

This beverage has inspired me to build a website which at the time of this writing has 107 pages full of rich helpful information about this lovely drink. The goal of this site along with this article is to introduce folks to the other side of tea they are missing out on. With so many varieties, there is bound to be a cup you will call your favorite.

So, the next time you brew tea and find yourself opening that box containing those dried up tea bags, remember that there is a better way, a superior way…and leave the dunking for the donuts!

David Carloni is the creator and webmaster of the-color-of-tea.com the-color-of-tea.com

An online resource guide that offers information, tips, facts, varieties, and the introduction to the simple pleasures of brewing and enjoying loose leaf tea.

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