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Is Coffee Good For You?

Some studies now say yes – but what would your Doctor say?

Let’s look back at a small coffee history. Coffee originated in Ethiopia, as a natural plant. It was learned somewhat by accident. Some people were sent away to hide had no food but found this plant and ate the bean of it. Not only did it sustain them but it gave them fantastic energy. They survived on these beans for weeks. Now wait, before you run to your nearest coffee shop, I am not saying you should survive only on coffee, notwithstanding, some seem to.

According to research done at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, the study showed coffee was the number one source of antioxidants for Americans.

I am saying that this bean offers us more than we give it credit for. Full of antioxidants, coffee helps our bodies to heal themselves. Yes, Coffee! But, not the kind we are accustomed to. Excellent ancient plain, black, rich coffee is the kind that is excellent for you.

The other sugar-sweetened, fattening whipped creamed topped coffee may be coffee too, but is full of lots of additives that counteract the benefits of the actual coffee that is in it. The less refined a coffee is the better and more preserved its nutrients are going to be. The fewer things added to this coffee bean the better for you.

Of course, coffee was noted as the number source of antioxidants… but that does not mean that you give up whole grains, fruits and vegetables. It just shows that we drink a lot of coffee here in America. The results showed that Americans receive more than four times the amount of antioxidants from coffee, than from the next highest food item on the list, black tea.

Coffee is right up there with fruit, tea and yes, chocolate on its antioxidant content. The FDA even says that antioxidants should come from food sources and not supplements. Is this a excellent reason to drink coffee? It might be. But, with anything you need to be moderate. A healthy person could drink 3 cups of coffee a day and really get a healthy benefit from it.

For the best benefit you should buy your own coffee beans, whole, roasted but you like. Grind it yourself and brew it in the coffee pot. Add some non stout milk, and drink to your health.

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