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Calphalon Cookware Offers Stainless Alternative

Some people prefer the durability and looks of stainless, others find Calphalon cookware offers its own special brand of beauty and plenty of perks, as well. Considered by many to be a viable rival to the classic cooking material found in many homes and professional kitchens, Calphalon cookware offers many of the advantages of stainless without some of its disadvantages.

The trademark of Calphalon pots and pans lies in its hard-anodized surface. This electro-chemical process hardens aluminum, really making it stronger than stainless. The end result is a pan that’s gorgeous, durable and darn hard to beat.

Here are some commonly questioned questions about Calphalon cookware and the anodizing process itself:

What is hard-anodizing?
This process involves taking aluminum and putting it in an acid bath where it undergoes chemical changes. The final product results when aluminum mixes with oxygen to make aluminum oxide. A pan that has undergone this process will typically be about 30 percent hard than steel.

Why consider this process?
Hard-anodized pans are very durable. They do not chip, peel or stain easily. They also offer an fascinating visual appearance that’s a matte cross between stainless and cast iron.

Will this end cause problems with food?
No. The end result of this process is a product that is nontoxic, doesn’t peel and does not decompose. The only thing that can really hurt it is extremely high heat.

What happens with stuck on food?
The reality is Calphalon cookware and other similar products are very hard to manage to get food stuck on. The honestly nonporous material that results from the chemical process makes sticking hard to say the least.

How do you clean this type of pot or pan?
Generally all that is necessary to clean this type of cookware is soapy water and a nylon scouring sponge. It can even withstand scouring powder without losing its looks if food is stuck on particularly hard.

Is this type of pan versatile?
In that it can withstand temperatures very well, yes. But, it is not recommended for use in food storage. The fact of the matter is, it is nearly never a excellent thought to use a pot or pan for storing food. Since they aren’t air tight, bacteria can grow. Really, it’s never recommended that food be stored in a pan.

Is this cookware expensive?
The answer to that is yes and no. The price tag on Calphalon cookware tends to be pretty high, but considering the durability, many feel it is worth every penny. These pans, like stainless, are very hard to hurt or ruin. This means one set can last a lifetime. With this in mind, many people feel a buy of this type of cookware is an investment, so they expect to pay a bit more on the front end.

Calphalon cookware offers an fascinating alternative to stainless. Providing a surface that is stick resistant, a look that is very attractive and durability that is simply hard to match, this type of cookware is quick becoming a well loved choice for many cooks and chefs.

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