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Port – When To Enjoy It

Port is one of the delights that has come to us with a rich history. It originates from Portugal, not far from the Spanish border. Like many inventions, port came about through necessity, because sailors needed to have a drink of wine in the evenings while they were away from home. With no real effective means of cooling wine, someone came up with the thought of mixing brandy with red wine and it worked. The resulting mixture kept longer under changing temperatures, tasted fantastic and had an increased alcohol content. Seafarers from other countries son learned the fantastic taste of port and it spread quickly in the late seventeenth century.

Today, many port varieties are produced using both red and white grapes with varying tastes and lives. The tastes vary from sweet to dry across the different types of port, such as ruby, tawny, vintage and white. There are other newer names, but most fit into theses four types. Many are blended in order to maintain a consistent taste over vintages and it is still right that the longer a excellent port is aged the better it is. The most common is tawny port, which will usually retain its flavor or taste a few months after opening.

Port is best served in port sippers as contact with air tends to reduce the flavor, if the port is sipped slowly. Traditionally, port is served with cheddar cheeses, but any number of cheeses can be used depending on the tastes of the consumers. There are many different varieties of cheeses, that often port is served with up to five different cheeses to cater for the tastes of the consumers. Port with chocolate is also becoming a favorite of a lot of people, particularly white chocolate with white port on a cold winters night.

It seems that only the die-hard port lovers drink port in the warmer climates, but they do sometimes chill the port in those places. Ideally 18 C (or 65 F) is the optimum liquid temperature for drinking port, so on a cold evening port defiantly tastes and feels better.

For those who delight in the outdoors, having a port around a campfire is very relaxing. Try it sometimes.

Delight in the taste at all times.

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