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Tips On Keeping Your Food As Healthy As Possible

We have all been there. You have had a long day at work, and you come home and your family questions “Whats for supper?”. You look in the refrigerator, and realize that you forgot to set something out. So whether you choose to get takeout, or run to the store, here are some tips on keeping your food as healthy as possible.

If your family is anything like mine, they like to eat pizza. Before you order a pizza, reckon about your choices. Try to stick with a thin crust. Deep dish pizzas are loaded with stout, not to mention grease. One of the most vital things on a pizza is the cheese, but do you really need all the extra calories. It is a fantastic thought to question for half the cheese they normally place on a pizza. When deciding on toppings, load your pizza down with all the vegetables you want – no limits! Try to avoid toppings that have been fried, and steer clear of a lot of meats.

Another favorite for American families is spaghetti. My family likes spaghetti with a meaty sauce. Instead of using ground beef in our spaghetti, we have switched to ground turkey. Many other people use use grilled chicken, and even fish (I cannot imagine the fish). Ground turkey is much better for you than ground beef, and it does not ruin the meal. Another thing you can do to make your spaghetti more healthy is to use whole wheat spaghetti sticks. Whole wheat spaghetti sticks do not cost much more than the traditional spaghetti sticks, are you still do not sacrifice the flavor of your spaghetti.

When you go to a Chinese restaurant, or cook Chinese foods, stick with the sauteed and stir fried dishes that contain lots of veggies. Steer clear of noodle dishes, and you will save a lot of calories. Go ahead and eat that fortune cookie, its only 30 calories.

Mexican foods are usually very high in stout, so be careful to make your meal the healthiest that you can.
Salsa is a fantastic way to get more veggies into your diet, but the chips are not excellent for you, so keep that in mind. Two fantastic choices for Mexican dishes are chicken fajitas and soft chicken tacos. If burritos are your thing, get a chicken burrito with lots of veggies inside. Refried beans usually contain pork stout, so if you want to eat healthy, you better pass on the refried beans. Remember that cheese and sour cream should be limited if you just can’t go without it. A few more things to stay away from are chalupa which means deep-fried tortilla, relleno which means deep fried pepper, and chimichanga which is a fried burrito.

The final piece of advice I can give you is order a salad to get started in any meal. Salads will give you more veggies, and it is better to fill your belly with vegetables than most anything else you may be eating. The worst thing you can do to a salad is to load it down with cheese, meat, and dressing, so go with a light vinaigrette if at all possible.

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