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Red Bull Energy Drink: Makes You Want to Go Faster

Piles and piles of workload set to be submitted by the end of the day…a scheduled meeting in an hour…basketball game after office hours…and a social gathering at around nine in the evening. All of those in a day!

You can picture yourself frail and ragged. You reckon you can die tomorrow after the day is over.

No need to worry!

Nowadays, there are supplements which can increase your energy level so you will be able to meet the deadlines and other appointments set forth. One example of a supplement is energy drinks.

Energy drinks are liquid supplements which includes lawful stimulants such as caffeine to boost an individual’s vigor. One well-known type of an energy drink is Red Bull.

Red Bull’s Birth
The birth of Red Bull started when a certain traveler, took a trip to Thailand. This man then observed that rickshaw drivers gulp a liquid substance as an energy booster. He then obtained the recipe of the drink and made some changes to suit the taste of the public. After careful modifications on said drink, it was then given license to sell. Said sale started in Austria.

Three years later, Red Bull was transported to Europe. With its introduction in Europe to young professionals, it was then well-loved and accepted. Later on Red Bull has been the energy drink for most intense sports games such as skateboarding and cliff diving.

Red Bull is composed of the following ingredients to help you fight physical and mental exhaustion:

• Taurine

• Sugar

• Vitamin B-complex

• Caffeine

• Glucuronolactone

Nowadays, the manufacturer of this energy drink has formulated a sugar-free Red Bull to cater to those who limits or avoids sugar.

Pros and Cons
Red Bull is believed to boost one’s energy. Hence it may keep him awake for extended hours without the feeling of exhaustion. This is helpful to “on-the-go” individuals who wish to accomplish many different things in twenty-four hours. Other benefits of Red Bull according to its consumers are:

• Price is cost-effective.

• The taste is pleasant.

• It smells sweet thus it allows you to drink it right from its container.

• Some says that Red Bull is a revitalizing drink.

• The drink is low in calorie.

On the other hand if Red Bull has been excessively used or abused then it may cause hurt to your health. Excessive use of Red Bull might cause side-effects with your health such as the feeling of grogginess or immensity of your head. Moreover, abusive use of Red Bull may not just cause health hazards but death as well. This is right especially when the Red Bull energy drink is mixed with liquor having high contents of alcohol.

Whatever supplements you are taking to boost your energy, it is wise to always be cautious and responsible on handling them. A excellent dose of energy drink can help you accomplish the things you wish to achieve by the end of the day. But, excess intake of energy drinks can ruin your day.

It is up to you to choose if you want to go quicker and accomplish your things-to-do during the day or go quicker and be on the hospital bed within a day.

Be sure to take advantage of the pros of energy drink. But, never use it to ruin an otherwise manageable plight.

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