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Raspberry Martini

As always insight comes to me, in the latest hour of the evening. In this case, the evening finished early. Which, contrary to well loved belief women do go home early, usually after a very successful evening. Even when the evening had the potential of scoring with a man. On this successful evening a new flavor crossed my lips, it was the Raspberry Ripple Martini. This Martini delighted me; it broke me away from my favorite the Vanilla Sky Martini. As I sat at my favorite Martini Bar, my incredible girly friend selected this specialty form the martini menu. The Ripple is a mixture of Razberi Stolichnaya Vodka and White Crème de Cacao shaken with Cranberry juice and garnished with a lime to give it a hint of sour.

I liked this Martini instantly because it was sweet, just like my girlfriend, who is so incredible but has the nasty, sexy side, which I admire and like. The conversation, which evolved after just one of the Raspberry Ripples, amazed me. The on going ever changing choice of do you sleep with the guy on the first date on not????

The situation: my girlfriend the very sweet/sex kitten girl is at a party hanging out with this boy (who is friends of her ex). The Boy (recently single after long-term relationship) hits on my girlfriend. Fascinating? Yes! A very fun night with lots and lots of cocktails prevail. Edit to: cab to hotel, touchy and feely in cab ride.
Edit to: in the hotel room they are very martini silly and having an brilliant time. Just guess what happened next???? The Code??

The Raspberry Martini is very sweet at the start but as it swirls the white crème de cacao kicks in and stays in your mouth, just like the sensation of the first night with a new man!! The kissing, the touching, all the tingling of the first intimate encounter. Aahhhh, the new man. Then you are introduced to the tingle of the cranberry, just the hint of bitterness, with that the realization that he is hurt goods. Yes, he is your ex’s friend but that is from 6 months ago (should it matter?) According to the code of men, it does matter! THE CODE: no friend shall have intimate affairs (sex) with another friend’s ex-girlfriend until the friend is successfully over the girl or a significant amount of time has passed (6-12 months).

The hint of the lime gave way to my girlfriend’s morals. Ya have to respect the morals of a women who says no even when she really likes sex, because that is a killer. When a woman says no, because of morals there is no giving way. The women is so horny and pent up all she wants to do is go for it, but in the moment of lucidity she realizes that this could come back to bit her in the ass. Not because of the ex, but because she might really like this guy. The guy wants to die, he has blue balled himself, and so horny but has the loyalty to his friend. Like the raspberry martini, the situation leads to the two of them under the covers of the bed, still clothed and messing around, with the covers getting more and more rippled.


Just like the ending of this girlie evening, nothing happened. Morals ruled and the code was upheld. The Raspberry Martini, we have learned is a martini not to mess with. It has the sweetest of everything you want, the anticipation of a new encounter with the bitterness of the realization of morals and obligations and the final sting of lime that always leaves you wanting more and never quite complete. But every once in awhile we forget and get lonely enough to take the risk of the Raspberry, just to remind ourselves that it isn’t always about the score, sometimes it is about having fun and going home early to the sweetness of the Raspberry Martini.

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