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Is There A Link Between Green Tea And Weight Loss?

Nearly every day that passes there are more and more benefits associated with supplementing your diet with green tea that come to light. Recent reports have even shown a link between green tea and weight loss.

The Chinese and Japanese have long known about the benefits of green tea, and it has been part of their staple diet for thousands of years.

They have also used green tea in Traditional Chinese medicine to relieve symptoms ranging from insomnia to depression and digestion disorders.

In more recent times, research has shown that many of the benefits identified in history have really shown to be right. Solid evidence showing the benefits of green tea is appearing more and more in the previously sceptical medical press.

Some of the research results include:

A study that showed a 60% reduction in the chance of getting oesophageal cancer in men and women who regularly drank green tea. It was concluded that green tea has tumour-inhibiting properties.

Research has indicated that green tea also has the ability to lower cholesterol levels and improve the ratio of “excellent” cholesterol to “terrible” cholesterol.

There is a long list of conditions that green tea is thought to be effective in providing beneficial outcomes, including high blood pressure, cancer, reducing cholesterol, arthritis, cardiovascular conditions, infections and it has also shown benefits by boosting the immune system

The key to why green tea seems to be such a superfood is in its high concentration of polyphenols, the most vital of these being epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

EGCG is a powerful antioxidant, and has been shown to be a compound that inhibits cancer cell growth and can kill cancer cells without injuring healthy body tissue.

EGCG has also shown to be useful in lowering the levels of terrible cholesterol, and reduces the chance of blood clots forming, and this is probably why Green tea has shown promise in heart disease prevention.

Also, there is a link between green tea and wine. Some scientists until recently have found it weird that the French diet, which is generally richer in fatty foods, does not seem to increase the levels of heart disease.

It is believed that the consumption of moderate amounts of red wine, which contains a polyphenol called resveratrol could be the reason for their health.

The resveratrol in the wine is thought to mitigate the negative effects of the fatty French diet.

And the incredible news is that studies have shown that EGCG, one of the main ingredients in tea, is two times more powerful than resveratrol, which is found in red wine.

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So, what makes “Green” tea so special?
While Green tea and black tea are made from the leaves of the same plant, the process they go through is different.

While the leaves that go on to make black tea are fermented, the leaves that make green tea are steamed. This steaming process keeps the levels of EGCG higher, and so more makes its way into your drink or supplements.

Also, as well as its many associated health benefits, there is even now evidence that green tea help a person lose and keep off weight.

A recent study found that those who consumed a combination of green tea extract, and caffeine burned up a higher amount of calories than those just taking caffeine did.

The right use of green tea in the diet, was shown to increase the energy used by the body by 3-4% (on average), which is apparently due to increased stout oxidation and thermogenesis (heat energy used not related to resting metabolism or physical activity)

The link between green tea and weight loss seems to be getting stronger, and with all the associated health benefits from green tea, there are compelling reasons to add it to your healthy diet.

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