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Alternatives To Junk Food for Students

Eating healthy is vital to avoid becoming stout and health problems. Foods for students can be a challenging subject because kids tend to eat sugar, sugar, sugar!

Whether your child is in kindergarten or college, making healthy food choices throughout the day will certainly make a positive impact on their life and even their academic achievement. Providing your child with a balanced diet full of nutrients will go a long way towards helping them succeed. Simple changes and improvements can be very beneficial.

Instead of allowing your students to buy school lunch each day, which can often times be high in stout and calories and lack nutritional value, pack students lunches from home. Include sandwiches on whole wheat bread and fresh deli meats. Instead of chips, pack whole grain crackers and yogurt for dessert! As an alternative to soda, encourage your student to drink low stout milk or flavored water with added nutrients. If you do allow your child to eat the school’s lunch, only do so once or twice a week.

All kids like to nibble and with so many enticing but unhealthy snacks on the market, it can be hard to make excellent choices. Keep unhealthy snacks such as cookies, chips and other foods high in sugars and fats out of your house! Instead, stock up on fruits and vegetables with stout free dip and other low calorie snacks. Cheese and whole grain crackers as well as sugar free popsicles are both tasty alternatives to other high calorie options. When your students deserve a treat, be sure to enforce moderation control and emphasize it as key in a healthy diet.

If you are a college student, chances are you have a hard time finding affordable and healthful foods. All of those prepackaged meals and the food served in the dining halls are hardly what the dietician ordered! Eat plenty of salads loaded with healthy elements such as raisins, carrots, cucumbers and even sunflower seeds. When you add lots of alternatives to the lettuce, your salad will become as tasty as the burger and fries down the buffet line! Go simple on the dressing or choose a vinaigrette alternative. If you are out with friends for pizza, skip the double cheese and fatty pepperoni on your pie. Go for similarly tasty but more healthful alternatives such as pineapple and ham Hawaiian pizza. Have only two slices instead of three! For snacks, choose an apple or baked chips instead of macaroni and cheese or cookies.

With simple and affordable alternatives to unhealthy foods, it is simple to be a student and still eat healthy foods and live a nutritious life. Fight temptation and when you just can’t, don’t forget to eat in moderation.

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