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Most of us want to eat healthier meals. Many people believe this means you have to eat foul tasting foods, but that’s not the case anymore. With so many cookbooks and tips available today, any home cook can start preparing more healthy foods in a small amount of time. Let’s take a look at how you can start eating healthier today.

The key to healthier cooking is in choosing the right foods to prepare. You can always use your favorite recipe and modify it with more healthy ingredients without giving up on the taste. Simply look at where you can take out the fats and reduce the calories.

For those of you who are not cooking inclined, you can even use restaurant foods and simply alter some of the ingredients. Add some more healthy dressings, sauces and other seasonings. Remove some of the fatty cheeses.

Cooking healthier foods doesn’t mean always eating raw vegetables. Cooking healthier foods involves combining a mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into your foods. It makes no difference how they are prepared.

Cut Down On Stout

Be sure to use reduced stout dairy products and always buy lean meats when cooking any kind of meat dishes. When buying hamburger you will be better off with extra lean instead of regular hamburger meat. Cooking foods like fish will give you the excellent dietary fats your body needs. The same can be said with eating nuts, olives and other seeds.

When cooking foods in a skillet, don’t overdue it with the oil. If you must use cooking oil, try using olive oil. You can also apply oil with a brush, or use a cooking spray to help prevent you from going crazy with the oil. This keeps the stout in the oil from soaking into your food.

You will hear some cooking experts tell you to substitute other types of liquids for oil. Perhaps using water and even fruit juices to reduce the stout. Another tip to help reduce the fats in your diet is to use vinegar and salsa, instead of butter or cream on your foods.


Raw vegetables such as carrots contain vital nutrients that are necessary for your body to maintain proper health. Cooking your vegetables will not eliminate these vitamins and minerals if cooked properly. Don’t boil or fry your vegetables too long. You want the vitamins and minerals to stay locked in. Try to never soak your vegetables in water. Many types of vegetables will release their minerals when soaked for too long.

Everything in life will work better when done in moderation. Healthy cooking is no different. Experiment and figure out what you want to take out of your diet and what you want to keep in. It will require a small patience and homework. Educate yourself more in this area. Learn what fats you need to eliminate from your daily cooking. Your body is the only one you’ll ever have. Treat it right and it will treat you better in return.

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