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Food That May Cause Allergy to Children

Children are prone to food allergic (especially toddler). Re-introduction of offending foods can be attempted, but should be done under medical supervision. When eating out, question about the ingredients and preparation of menu items before you order. If unsure, play safe by ordering plain.

Be cautious of cross-communication. Remember to wash hands and clean work surfaces/ utensils if you have handled any of “forbidden foods” before handling your child’s food.

If you take the safety precautions outlined below, you will be able to reduce the exposure of your child to potential allergens. Ensure that you know what to do in the event of food-allergy related reaction.
Family history of allergies – for infants with a family history of allergies, the following foods should not be introduced before one year of age:

• eggs
• wheat and other gluten-containing cereals (oats, barley, rye)
• fish
• shellfish
• citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, lemon)
• nuts and seeds

Food that may cause allergic reactions in kids – There are some foods commonly associated with food allergies in children. Most of them contain protein. Here are some foods you should be wary of:

• milk
• soy
• eggs
• wheat
• peanuts
• shellfish (shrimps, crabs, lobsters)
• fish
• tree nuts (such as walnuts, cashew nuts, pecans)
• legumes (beans and peas)

Children are more likely to outgrow allergies to milk or soy than allergies to peanuts, fish or shrimps. Re-introduction of offending foods can be attempted, but should be done under medical supervision. In addition, foods which cause life-threatening reactions (for example, difficulty in breathing) should never be re-introduced.

If you suspect your child has a food allergy, the first step is to keep a diet and symptom diary – write down everything that your child eats and drinks, and note down any symptom, as well as the quantity and time it took for the symptoms to occur. Speak to a physician to evaluate the suspected food allergy. This may require certain tests to be done to investigate and diagnose the allergy.

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