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Preparing a Healthy Eating Menu

It’s one of those things we keep meaning to do but putting off. Preparing a healthy menu is one of those tasks we really should do but somehow it seems to elude us. Yet it can be fun to sit down for a few silent minutes and choose what we’re going to eat later today.

Menu plotting in modern day life often doesn’t get much beyond the perennial question of “What am I going to eat tonight?”.

When “tonight” arrives, we’re still no closer to the answer. The unhealthy option of quick food beckons as we dream about pizza or a burger or fried chicken (now helpfully renamed to it’s initials to help us tune out the fried part from our minds).

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Keep a few healthy staples in your fridge and store cupboard and you can rustle up a healthy meal in minutes. Often quicker than the so called quick food it’s replacing.

Before you go shopping, eat.

It’s been proven that we impulse buy less on a full stomach, so if you’re moving towards a healthier diet make sure that you eat before you go to the supermarket.

Make a shopping list. It won’t take long.

In fact, if you keep a running list attached to your fridge with a magnet and jot down food when you run out (or low) then you’ll probably have your list ready made.

If you’re not that organized, that’s fine too. A few minutes thought will produce your list. It’s not as though shops close for long (if at all) nowadays, so anything you miss is no fantastic hardship.

When you reach the supermarket, stick to your list. You may reckon you look daft crossing items off your list as you go round the aisles but many other shoppers will be secretly jealous of how organized you are.

Don’t buy anything that isn’t on your list (unless it’s something you’ve obviously forgotten). Be especially wary at the end of each aisle, where supermarkets traditionally tempt us to open our wallets.

Take a detour round the candy and snack aisles. It’s simpler not to buy these items if you don’t walk past them. If you feel your trolley dragging you down them, do a u-turn!

Keep a list around your home of quick, healthy recipes that you delight in eating. Delve through these before you are tempted to reach out for quick food.

Soon, you’ll be eating healthier and likely cheaper than before. Well done!

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