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The Right Coffee Maker For You

Million upon millions of us can’t live without the stuff – coffee. Used by many as a fantastic start to your busy day, a excellent cup of coffee can set the tone for whether you feel as though you’ve gotten up on the incorrect side of the bed each morning. The beverage itself is quite a simple concoction – it is simply dissolving ground coffee in hot water to release all of the flavors and aroma oils in to your mug. Though the drink has simple ingredients, there are many ways to go about making your perfect cup of coffee. There are several key things you should look for when looking to buy a coffee maker for at home brewing. The selection is endless, but with these tips in mind, finding the brewer that is right for you is simpler than it looks.

1. Capacity – Buy your coffee maker in a size that will fit your needs. If you only brew one cup of coffee at a time, there are coffee makers that will easily brew one cup without wasting any excess. If you need to brew 20 cups at one time, there are coffee makers out there for you too. If you know you wont be brewing massive amounts of coffee, simply get a smaller coffee maker – you’ll save money on coffee, filters, and it wont take as long to brew a pot. Keep in mind – most coffee makers define a cup as 5 oz., where you and your mug may reckon that isn’t enough. Make sure you keep in mind how huge your cup is, and buy accordingly.

2. Filters – Coffee Makers that use flat bottom filters generally produce a much better and flavorful coffee, as more water can contact the coffee grinds themselves. These ones are recommended over the cone shaped, as much of the coffee isn’t exposed to the hot water, and wont flavor the coffee as well. For the environmentally conscience, some coffee makers come with a re-use able mesh filter that can be cleaned and used over and over – but some mesh filters aren’t as effective because small particles of coffee grind can slip between the holes in the mesh.

3. Features – If you are pressed for time and want that cup of coffee waiting for you in the morning, you may want to consider a coffee maker that has an automatic timer that you can set for the next morning. This is a fantastic feature if you like to drink your coffee first thing in the morning and don’t have the time to wait around for it to brew. But, if you don’t really need the timer feature, skip it – as it is adds more cost to your coffee maker. Also, keep in mind – if you keep the coffee grinds and filter ready to go in your maker all night, it will lose some of its freshness by the time it is brewed in the morning.

Making the coffee is simple, now picking your coffee maker is too! Go and delight in that fresh cup of brew!

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