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Lobsters are not fish, but air breathing animals. Thus, an oxygen-enriched environment is always essential for their existence. Without this, they would drown. Instead of blood and muscles, lobsters gain their strength from internal fluids that they keep pushing from one body chamber to another and hence known to be hydraulically operated. Lobsters have hard shells that have given them the name of crustaceans. Their body fluid is an integral part of their existence losing which the body starts to fall apart and the hard shells start becoming soft and slimy. The death of a lobster is marked by their body elements falling apart with the tail separating from the body first and exposing the meat. Keeping lobsters in tanks, therefore, needs special care and maintenance of specific environmental conditions.

One of the most essential aspects is to maintain the balance of environment in the tank. Biological filters such as pads, bio rocks, and other elements in the tank are required to support living bacteria, which break down the pollutants thrown out by the lobsters and in the process maintain the balance of the environment. The amount of bacteria is crucial to balance the system, as their levels rise and fall according to the amount of lobsters inside the tank. According to researches, the amount of lobsters needs to be equal to the amount of bacteria. In case of any disparity in the amounts of the two, the bacteria get outnumbered and hence are not able to ruin the increased amount of waste in the tank, leading to a quick destruction and death of the lobsters and the bacteria.

The load levels of the tank also need to be as consistent as possible, and need to be increased gradually over a period of days and never in seconds. Some of the essential equipment to maintain the tank environment includes air pumps, air stones, air tube assembly, and carbon pouches. Also essential are fake bottoms or bio-pads, oxygen reactor, filter pads, clear plastic lids and water pumps. Carbon trays, carbon canisters, chillers, and pre-filter suitcases equally contribute to making and maintaining the right environment. Lobster tanks of different shapes and sizes can be found and bought online.

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