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Cool Ice Tea

Hot summer weather makes us thirsty. But, one must be selective in what he or she drinks to quench that thirst. Water is certainly the best body coolant that quenches thirst. But, what next to water? People often prefer having cola drinks. But, although it may appear that cola drinks or cold drinks as they are popularly known might appear to cool your body, they harm your body in more ways than benefiting you.

They are concentrated carbonated water with high amount of calories. One of the best-suited drinks during the summers is the iced tea. Iced tea is a type of cold tea. Tea is a very healthy drink. Not only it refreshes your tired mind and body and rejuvenates you, but also it has several beneficial properties that help you for a better health.

Iced tea is often served as a tea in a glass over ice. Ice tea can be made by brewing the tea and then chilling it in frozen cold conditions. You can even buy a commercially available pre-bottled tea. But care should be maintained to check the ingredients of commercial bottled products including their expiry dates. They often have certain taste enhancing additives added which have a negative impact on health. You should allow iced tea to cool down to room temperature first, before refrigeration.

This prevents it from condensing, which gives it a cloudy appearance, and the taste turns bitter. Also trying to refrigerate the boiling tea can hurt the refrigerator. Warm tea can also be poured over the ice provided the filtered water is used. This is another way to store water. Nevertheless, one must keep in mind that prolonged storage in a refrigerator may give it a cloudy hazy appearance and give it a terrible taste.

Iced tea is mainly available in two forms sweetened or unsweetened.

Packed ice tea come in different flavors. Most common of all are the ones with lemon flavors and strawberries. Iced tea is traditionally a refreshing drink but we can do much more to make it a drinker’s delight. Therefore, here are some of the delicacies to help you quench your thirst this summer.

One of delicacies is the honey apple ice tea, a tea having a unique taste and flavor. It has apple flavor with tincture of honey mixed. This is mainly prepared by adding the unsweetened apple juice to the iced tea and there by poring the honey into the mixture.

Next one is the most common of all known as the fruit tea, a tea with mixture of fruits. The fruit tea is prepared by adding honey with the variety of fruits or fruit cocktails. Therefore, it is even called as the iced tea cocktail. The preparation is same as that of apple tea. Add honey to the tea and then the unsweetened fruit juice. If anyone likes to have a tea which is spice, there is the spicy tea. This is a blend of apple juice with cedar and ground spice. The main thing that is to be kept in mind is that the mixture of juice and spice is first poured into boiling water and then the tea bags are dipped into it. This keeps the spicy nature intact and by adding honey to it, one can make it a small sweetened.

One of the tea drinker’s delights is the iced strawberry cooler. It can be prepared by keeping the tea bags in a small teapot or bowl for 10 minutes, covered. Remove tea bags. After this the strawberry and honey is placed into the blender. As the tea reaches, boiling stage it is poured over the blend with ice followed by it.

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