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Are you intimidated by the thought of entertaining LADIES in your home? Maybe you are in the process of getting to know someone you really like and expect to be entertaining her soon.

Or maybe you’ve been entertaining her but not as well as you would like.

It seems complicated.


It doesn’t have to be at all.

The best beginner’s strategy is


1. Go to the grocery store and look in their deli.
2. Select an assortment of cheeses, deli meats, olives and breads or crackers.
3. Stop by fresh fruit and get an apple.
4. Pick up some cream cheese from dairy.
5. Buy some colorful cloth dish towels and a few matching plates (not paper).
6. Get a couple of wine glasses and some white wine.
7. Get some chocolates.

Take the stuff home and place it in the fridge.

When your Lady stops by or you invite her over, you’re ready. If she cares for you she will be impressed and thrilled. Women like men who can cook.

Arrange your goodies on a platter or a couple of plates. Olives, cheeses and meats can go on one, bread and crackers on another, and small apple wedges with cream cheese spread on them on another.

Chocolates are dessert.

You have a number of choices about how and where to serve. It’s all finger food. You could arrange it in a buffet like at a party.

If you want to have a party for a lot of people, just buy more goodies.

If you are having a small talk with a lady friend you might just serve from a coffee table. That’s what they’re for!

You have a drink option depending on the time of day and your mood.

In the mornings a caffeine boost might be lovely. Serve coffee with sugar and real cream available for her pleasure and yours.

After noon and for the next 20 hours or so, white wine is a fantastic choice. Give her a few options and be prepared to fulfill her desires.

If you are only going to buy one wine, opt for white unless you know for a fact that she likes red. Women tend to like white wines so it’s the simple choice.

If you like beer or red wine, get it.

Then get to know this person with whom you’d like to be more intimate.

The next serving option is the most fun!

If you’re ready to take a relationship to a higher level, and she’s ready too, serve in bed! Use your imagination and don’t worry about the crumbs! If neither of you are ready, serve on a blanket like a picnic. Climb on board and explore sensual pleasures. The food and wine helps both of you relax and delight in taking your relationship in a new direction, while you break a few rules and throw table etiquette to the four winds.

It can also spark up existing relationships.

Does anyone know the proper etiquette for licking cream cheese or chocolate from intimate locations? Remember the best etiquette for this and all romantic encounters is that everyone is supposed to have fun!

Washable cotton bedspreads are the best choice in this option made for sensual discovery. Remember, fantastic lovers don’t leave the cleanup to the ladies.

We’ll leave the variations to your imaginations.

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