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Not Recommended

Not Recommended

There are cases when teas are not recommended and should be avoided, as tea leaves contain various properties not suitable for persons with conditions such as:

• Neurasthenia condition with symptoms of, anxiety, headache, impotence, neuralgia and depression. Under these conditions one should drink teas moderately, and not all teas.
They should avoid red teas and drink flower tea in the morning green tea afternoon. Do not drink tea in the evening.

• Heart disease, hypertension patients should be careful with the quality of the tea they drink. Those with abnormal heartbeat and heart、kidney malfunction also should be careful. They can only drink some mild teas and only small doses. Patients with a slow heartbeat, hypertension at an early stage, may drink a high grade green tea, to promote blood circulation, to reduce cholesterol.

• Gastric, Liver and Kidneys disease patient’s should be selective on which Teas to drink. One may drink a small sugar black tea , milk black tea , Contribute to the anti-inflammatory and gastric mucosal protection, and it may also have some positive effect with gastric ulcers。
• Pregnant women. Generally, they are not suitable for drinking teas, and it is not recommended. Tea contains high levels of caffeine, to stimulate the fetus; therefore, a pregnant mother must not to drink it.

• Insomnia Do not drink tea, before bedtime.

• Excessive Alcohol Drink . The heart and Kidney functions are already under fantastic stress, so Teas are not recommended to be mixed with alcohol. If someone is in excellent healthy he or she can drink small doses of Puerh Tea , to help the kidneys a few hours later.
• Drugs Avoid drinking teas when taking any prescription drugs or aspirin, cold medicines or most of over the counter drugs.

• Next Day. Never drink used tealeaves the next day; once they have been used they must be disposed. Some teas can be refilled (with water) a few times; Green Teas twice, Oolong Teas up to five times, depending on the teas.

• Fever No one with fever can drink teas.

• Empty Stomach . One should not drink tea in one empty stomach.

But for most of the conditions above, there are natural Herbs that may help some of the illness, and they should be prescribed by a TCM Doctor. There are also Medicinal Teas, available that can also be effective when properly prescribed.

Otherwise, if you live a normal healthy life and do not have the conditions above, this is what the Master Tea, Gu Yang from the Ming Dynasty had to say about when to drink Teas:

“Drinking Tea, helps quench the thirst, digest food, dissolve stout, refresh the mind, relieve irritability and remove excessive unwanted impurities from the blood. One cannot go without tea even for a single day.”


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