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A Simple Technique For Turning Your Favorite Omelet Recipes Into The Perfect Omelet

Are burnt eggs and omelets that crumble into tiny pieces if you do so much as reckon wrongly about them ruining your best omelet recipes? If any of these five things has happened to you, keep reading for an simple way to make the perfect omelet from virtually all omelet recipes.

5 Reasons Your Omelet Isn’t Perfect

1.) You thought wrongly about it, and it crumbled into 1,000 pieces. (Eggs don’t have much self esteem you know)
2.) That “no stick” skillet left its “no stick” at home on the morning you chose to make omelets for breakfast.
3.) Your eggs chose to go tanning in the three minutes you weren’t watching the skillet and came back with burnt bottoms.
4.) Your ingredients chose to segregate from one another. Look closely and you may see a “Do not mix well with others” sign.
5.) Your spatula acted more like a diving board and propelled your omelet straight to the floor. It was a gorgeous triple axle with a double tuck and one heck of a landing, but not the result you were probably looking for.

So let’s remedy this situation and make the perfect omelet.

Step 1-Beat Those Eggs

Grab a couple of eggs and beat them lightly. Pour them into a quart size Ziploc bag.

Step 2-Add Your Favorite Ingredients

Pick the best ingredients from your favorite omelet recipes and toss them into the Ziploc. Cheese, onions, peppers, bacon and sausage bits, and mushrooms are all excellent, but use whatever you’d like. There’s no need to mix, just toss them in the bag.

Step 3-A Rolling Boil

Get out a pot, fill it with water, and get the water boiling. A rolling, turbulent boil is what you want.

Step 4-Take the Plunge

Now, place the Ziploc in the water for about 15 minutes. The boiling water will mix the ingredients and cook the contents. When the omelet looks about how you’d like it, remove the bag from the water and pour the contents onto a plate. Watch it slide right out of the bag. Voila! It’s the perfect omelet.

The above method may not be the best under all circumstances given concerns in recent months over the microwaving and cooking of foods in plastic. But, it works fantastic in circumstances such as camping or when you need to make multiple omelets quick.

Simply get all the bags ready at once and place them in the boiling water at the same time. The bags will want to lay flat on the water so to keep them upright, try laying a flat stick across the pot and clothespin each Ziploc to the stick. It works fantastic and you’ll never have to worry again about making the perfect omelet from your favorite omelet recipes!

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