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What is a Good White Licorice Blend?

There are many white teas and white tea blends to choose from. But, you won’t find any more tasty than white licorice tea. But, just as with other blends of white tea, to get the best flavor from your white licorice tea, it’s vital to choose a excellent quality blend. The difference between teas that have been made using the best ingredients and those made using inferior ingredients is significant, so it pays to know what you’re buying when you buy any white tea blend.

White tea is new to many tea drinkers in the US, but it is becoming more well loved every day. Because white tea is so mild, it lends itself perfectly to being mixed with other flavors. White licorice tea is just one of the many flavors of white tea available, but it is surely one of the finest. The sweet and unique taste of licorice combined with white tea’s mild pale brew is refreshing and flavorful.

White tea comes from the same plant as other teas, but is unique in many ways. Leaves for white tea are harvested much earlier than other teas, before the leaves are fully open, and while they are covered with fine white hair. These tender, young leaves give white tea its light and sweet flavor.

In addition to being harvested earlier than tea leaves used for other tea varieties, white tea is also left unfermented. This lack of fermentation contributes to the delicate flavor and makes the tea healthier. Fermenting tea changes the naturally occurring anti-oxidants that make tea so healthy. So, because they are left unfermented, green and white teas are naturally healthier than black tea. The natural anti-oxidants in green and white teas These free radicals are made when our bodies convert the food we eat into energy.

Left unchecked, they hurt our cells and DNA, leading to aging and disease. An anti-oxidant rich diet, including fruits, vegetables and white or green tea, combats these anti-oxidants, preventing them from damaging our bodies. A regular diet of white or green tea has been shown to prevent serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease. It can also help us keep our weight in check and slow down the process of aging.

Of course, the second vital ingredient in white licorice tea blends is the licorice. Many licorice flavored teas are flavored using the licorice root. The licorice root is far less expensive to use and has a more potent flavor, so less is required to flavor the tea. But, using licorice root to flavor white tea produces a harsh and overpowering taste.

The best white licorice tea is flavored using whole pieces of star anise, which gives the tea just the right amount of licorice flavor and mild sweetness. This is a more expensive way to flavor the tea, but it makes a far superior brew. The best star anise is grown in China, just like the best white tea, making it simple to combine the two flavors in tea produced in that country.

A excellent white licorice tea is a fantastic way to relieve an upset stomach and aid digestion. White licorice tea flavored with star anise is so mild and so low in caffeine that you can even use it to soothe a colicky baby without dread that it will be too strong or interfere with sleep.

You’ll likely find that you turn to white licorice tea on many evenings when you’ve eaten a bit too much dinner or eaten something that didn’t set well on your stomach. Many people prize star anise for its ability to ease body aches and pains, so it’s also a wonderful evening drink when you’ve indulged in a bit too much exercise or are experiencing body aches from the flu or a cold.

A quality white licorice tea blend will be made with Silver Needles or White Peony white tea. These two grades of white tea are considered the very best, and will give you the best sweet and delicate flavor that is so vital in white tea.

A final vital element in making a fantastic blend of white tea and licorice is the exact proportion of the two ingredients. Too much licorice will produce a flavor that is too sweet or too strong. Too small licorice, but, will leave the drinker wondering exactly what flavor the tea is supposed to have. The best white licorice teas have exactly the right amount of natural star anise added to the best white tea, making the perfect flavor combination.

Try Golden Moon’s White licorice tea for the perfect combination of these two wonderful flavors. You’ll find this tea made from a gorgeous white tea base that is brown in color with silver tips. The flavor of the tea is complex with just a hint of smokiness to bring out the flavor of the star anise. The flavor is exceptionally soothing and warming.

Drinking white licorice tea is likely to become one of your favorite evening rituals. It will aid your digestion, soothe your soul and cool you to prepare you for a peaceful night’s sleep. The flavor is surely one you’ll look forward to enjoying every single day.

Jon M. Stout is Chairman of the Golden Moon Tea Company. Golden Moon Tea recently placed first and second in the best tea competition at the prestigious World Tea Expo in Atlanta Georgia. For more information about tea, goldenmoontea.com/wholesaletea wholesale tea and goldenmoontea.com/blacktea black tea go to goldenmoontea.com goldenmoontea.com

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