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Poor People Cannot Afford to Buy Nutritious Foods?

Many folks will have you believe that poor people cannot afford to buy Nutritious Foods in the United States, but this is a fallacy. In some markets or inner cities or remote regions organic grown foods might be tougher to get, but certainly not impossible, rather folks choose to buy foods that are not excellent for them, because they taste excellent and the price is slightly lower and some, well they just do not know any better really.

Still I noticed that the Health Food Stores are really not that much more in cost; 10% to 15%. And the organic farmers I talk to have learned all sorts of fantastic techniques and get higher yields than expected due to using natures food chain and understanding the use of bees, butterflies in pollination. So, to me it seems the issues are more Production Science and applied systems approaches to food production VS using the nature’s system ie; food chain.

So, in the end some of the issues seem to me to be accessibility to the consumer, not the purposeful misdeeds of the Ag Business. I mean there are various methods and both have lots of excellent arguments and there are a lot of mouths to feed and it sure beats starving right?

Not long ago I had a fantastic conversation with a young lady who had a Masters Degree in nutrition, was as personal trainer type and extremely well-conditioned and we discussed the cell value of fruits and vegetables and the issues with all what you are saying. I cannot disagree with any of it. But at the same time having been to every city in the country and seen all the fields, water levels, distribution points, equipment, corporate and organic or family farms; I also see the vastness of our food supply chain and the critical nature of weather, droughts, plagues, dust, wildfires, etc.

Too me it seems that if subsidies stopped for the corporate farms, then the family and organic farmers would continue to grow with networks, co-ops and synergies to continue to produce economies of scale to compete, so if the bureaucracy takes a back seat then the overwhelmed farmers with paperwork might have a fighting chance, right now we place them in jail for running over endangered rats in their fields, that is unbelievable.

It seems the so-called level playing field for crop yield is needs some re-leveling in the United States. Still in the end consumer choice should prevail and people can vote with their dollar for what makes sense. Perhaps we might all consider such things and allow this topic and debate to propel thought in 2007.

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