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The Short And Long Term Benefits Of Wu Long Tea

Wu long tea is also known as oolong. Basically, there are studies which have shown that there are a lot of benefits that come from drinking wu long tea.

Some of the benefits of wu long tea include its ability to reverse one’s aging, help in losing weight, promote one’s wholistic wellness.

Wu long tea is made of what?

Basically, all teas contain properties which include catechin, caffeine, teaflavin, polyphenals among others.

All these provide the body with benefits. These benefits basically depend on the quantity percentages of oxidation that occurs during the tea’s production.

The benefits of wu long tea that are fermented really differ from green teas due to the latter’s small processing time as well as black tea’s long process in oxidation.

The following are just some of the benefits that one could experience when drinking wu long tea.

Wu long tea helps one lose weight

Believe it or not, scientists and researchers from the School of Medicine of the University of Tokushima in Japan have learned that those people who consume regular oolong tea really experience more results when it comes to burning calories as compared to those who ingested green tea.

A study that has been published in the Medical Investigation Journal claim that those women who are able to consume wu long tea just right after eating a meal was able to expend increased energy by as much as ten percent.

Compare this result to a four percent expenditure of energy for drinkers of green tea and zero percent for those who drink water.

Meanwhile, studies conducted in Osaka, Japan particularly at the Research Center in Suntory have found those drinkers of wu long tea a few small fifteen minutes before taking in foods that have high carbohydrates content really curb the rise of insulin, therefore reducing the stout effects of taking in carbohydrates.

Wu long tea and skin condition that is enhanced

Another study done from the Medical Science University of Japan in Shiga also claim that drinking wu long tea every day really help clear up problems in one’s skin in as small as a month.

Wu long tea and free radicals

Another study conducted by the University of California have learned that those who drink wu long tea everyday experience a reduction of free radicals in as small as fifteen days.

Free radicals are basically substances that hurt the body and really contribute to aging, the production of dark spots, wrinkles as due to rays from the sun, additives from chemical food, stress and pollution.

Wu long tea and clean teeth

Another study in Japan, specifically the Dentistry Department of Osaka University has found out that regular intake of wu long tea cause the teeth to become strong thereby preventing the decaying of teeth and halting plaque build-up.

Wu long tea and the immune system

In a published study in the journal of Redox Signaling and Antioxidants show that those who took in wu long tea have immune system that is stronger. The risk of these people catching infections are also reduced.

All in all, drinking wu long tea really has more benefits than disadvantages. But, though it is considered as a wonder tea for most, it is always best to first consult with your doctor on drinking wu long tea prior to adding it to your regular diet.

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