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The “Buzz Drink” Wars – Get Rid Of The “Jitters” The Healthy Alternative Are Here

The energy drink market is huge despite the high cost (the number one best selling energy drink goes for $2.00 per 8 ounce can) and there are literally hundreds of different brands of energy drinks fighting for a piece of todays booming multibillion dollar market (both Goldman Sachs and Mintel predict that the energy drink market will hit $10 billion by 2010). We are now just beginning to witness a new, different type of energy drink emerge that is is positioning itself to take a significant share from the established leaders in the category. Some manufacturers are calling it a “smart drink”. The major difference of the new smart drink is that instead of merely focusing on the amount of energy a beverage like this provides, this new type of energy drink boasts quality from the type of energy that is provided. These new drinks really contain ingredients that enhance the brain’s natural function and attempt to stand out from the crowd.

Everyone is looking for more energy and everyone buys energy drinks because of the effect they provide. When broken down, most energy drinks contain caffeine (one with 80 milligrams of caffeine, has more than double the dose found in the larger Coke serving), taurine, and a few vitamins, and all offer the same kind of “buzz”, the same basic result. A new type of energy drink that falls under the category of “functional beverages” offers a more pleasurable alternative. Instead of the wiry, jittery, on-edge feeling that typical energy drinks usually make, the alternative smart energy drinks give the consumer a smoother and ultimately more satisfying experience. Also, instead of getting the “crash and burn” feeling when the boost wears off, it gently brings you back down to normal levels.

The neccessity will no doubt arise for these new “smart” drinks to make themselves stand out from the huge names. They will have to look at the the effect the drinks make and improve on those effects. Take away the terrible side-effects that people don’t want,and give them a safer, healthier alternative, and these new smart drinks may have the opportunity to gain significant market share and to appeal to people who usually avoid energy drinks because they are perceived to be “too intense.”

One newcomer with a twist entered the energy drink market HIRO just this week. It is manufactured by Tahitian Noni International and sold and marketed by “independent product consultants”. HIRO Energy (as well as Vitality and Mobility) is attempting to stand out from the rest of the crowd by including the noni fruit as one of the key ingredients. According to various sources, certain parts of the noni plant such as the fruit, and the leaves have been used by polynesian people for various ailments for over 2,000 years. The HIRO manufacturer states that noni “enhances health and vitality.

As consumers continue to look for a quick way to boost their energy levels, the current energy drink market continues to grow. Today, consumers are becoming more educated and smarter in their choices. There is a high level of competition to come up with an extremely pleasant yet powerful experience from an energy drink. The challenge will be tough for everyone.

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