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There is a type of coffee, called Honest Trade coffee, that is produced a small differently than other types of coffee. By “produced differently”, we do not mean that the beans used are inferior, or that the coffee produced will be different. The purpose of Honest Trade coffee is to protect coffee workers, and any coffee grower or producer in this organization agrees to make sure that the people who harvest and sort coffee products are treated honestly.

In the United States, we consume a fantastic deal of coffee. Most people can’t imagine starting their day or finishing a meal without a cup of coffee. But we never give a thought to how coffee beans are produced, harvested and shipped. We just drink it and take all of that for granted. But maybe we should reckon about honest treatment for coffee workers.

In many areas of the world, coffee workers are treated unfairly. Large plantations hire laborers at paltry wages and then expect them to work long, backbreaking hours in the sun. Plantations that are part of Honest Trade Coffee have agreed to respect coffee workers’ rights. They agree to meet certain minimum standards for working conditions and worker compensation.

The organization behind Honest Trade Coffee tries to educate the coffee consumer so that he will be encouraged to buy products that are not being produced by exploited laborers. Honest Trade Coffee encourages consumers not to buy products they do not certify, and they will not certify a product if it comes from a producer who has unfair conditions.

The concept is that American coffee drinkers will not want to support a company that mistreats its workers, any more than the American consumer wants to buy clothing that is produced in sweatshops. Brilliant products for your coffee, your cappuccino or your espresso are available from producers who treat their workers honestly.

As a matter of fact, some people have referred to exploitative plantations as “sweatshops in the fields”. And even the small farmer who sells his coffee bean to huge exporters is treated unfairly since he gets very small pay for the coffee, even when rates are high. This leads to poverty and destitution in the countryside.

If you believe that it is incorrect to support organizations that do not treat their workers honestly, it is time for you to start paying attention to Honest Trade Coffee marks. You can find very excellent quality coffee that is endorsed by this organization.

You can go to the Honest Trade Coffee website, and you will find a list of producers who are part of their agreement and have been certified to be honest to their workers. Dean’s Bean brand is just one example of how you can delight in your cup of morning mocha while you make sure that the people who worked so hard to bring it to you are not being treated unfairly.

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