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Fish Can Make a Good Meal

Did you know that eating fish is excellent for you? They say fish is brain food. There is also a rumor that you look sexy while you eat fish. I don’t know if fish will make you smart or sexy, but it is lower in calories than red meats and about the same as poultry. There is also a excellent amount of protein in fish. You should be careful but, because not all seafood is excellent for you, and sometimes the method of preparation will add to the calories and stout.

You should try methods other than frying the fish to reduce your stout intake. Using herbs, lemon and other seasonings can liven up the flavor, without a lot of calories or stout. Depending on the fish, you can get away with simmering it in a sauce. I sometimes use Kikkoman soy or teriyaki to cook flounder, without any other ingredients.

Shell fish isn’t really excellent for you. If you don’t eat pork, you shouldn’t eat shell fish either. Shrimp or crabs are like pigs because they eat left-overs too, just the underwater kind. Animals that don’t have a healthy diet aren’t healthy for your diet, fish included. If you do eat pork, and that doesn’t bother you, go right ahead. I delight in those dishes once in a while myself, but try to use alternatives.

My favorite fish is catfish. Here is a quick recipe for my favorite fish dish: Take one pound of catfish and 10 ounces of frozen cut green beans in a large saucepan. Sprinkle all pieces with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt. Place on a low flame and turn the fish over occasionally. While that is simmering, cook your favorite rice. I use Goya yellow rice, but you can use any rice you like. Cook the fish until it is completely white and tender, and the green beans are tender as well. This should serve about four people. It’s quick, simple, and healthy.

The best thought is to buy fresh fish from a local fish market or your neighborhood grocery store. Most places will have a fresh seafood department with a nice selection of fresh fish. Make sure the fish don’t have a strong foul odor, wash it before you cook it, and if you don’t cook it the same day that you buy it, wrap it tightly and place it in the freezer until you are ready to use it.

It’s that simple and your family will like it, if they like seafood. Some other excellent fish to try are: salmon, haddock, tilapia, codfish, and red snapper. You can find many more fish types and recipes at allrecipes.com or recipesource.com. Are you hungry yet? Go ahead and start looking for a new fish dish!

Jamie Jackson works as a chef at a Hilton Hotel. Jamie specialises in fish dishes. He is very creative in coming up with some really incredible fish dishes that you may have not tried in your life time. As some of the recipes are his guarded secrets, he does not really share them. He likes fishes as he knows that there are heap lots of health benefits eating fish. He run a semi-professional website at fishsite.info/ fishsite.info. Go and visit him today, and you may never know what he might be sharing.

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