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The Health Benefits of Black Tea

Tea is the second most well loved beverage in the world, after water. And, in all parts of the world except Asia, the vast majority of the tea consumed is black tea. Scientists have uncovered many healthful benefits of drinking tea, making drinking this very well loved beverage a very healthy habit to get into.

All tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. Black tea differs from green tea and white tea in the way it is processed. Black tea is fermented during processing; green and white tea are not. This is what produces the differences in the color and flavor of the types of tea.

There are also some other differences between green tea and black tea. The fermentation process that black tea undergoes changes some of the plant’s compounds. For this reason, scientists have recently concluded that green tea is more healthful than black. Very small research has been performed on white tea, though it is likely that its compounds are very similar to those in green tea.

The reason that tea is so healthy is that it is a powerful source of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are vital because they have the power to neutralize free radicals in the body. Free radicals are made during the digestive process. They are oxygen containing molecules that can ruin cells and DNA if not kept in check. Anti-oxidants prevent free radicals from doing their hurt; in the long run preventing aging and disease.

Much research has been shown that suggests that some of the most vital anti-oxidants in the tea plant are compromised during the fermentation process; leading to the belief that green tea is far healthier. EGCG is the anti-oxidant most revered in green tea. This anti-oxidant is nearly completely ruined during the fermentation process.

But, there is also research that shows that the one of the most vital anti-oxidants in the tea plant – a substance known as theaflavins, are not compromised during the fermentation process. These theaflavins are also very healthy and may also have the power to prevent many diseases.

One study, reported by the UK Tea Council, showed that black tea has an abundance of anti-oxidative activity, much like green tea. The theaflavins in black tea have been shown to scavenge abnormal cells, helping to rid them from the body before they can hurt the body or mutate into cancer cells.

Theaflavins have also been shown to have the power to inhibit oxidation. There are many situations in the body where oxidation occurs and causes hurt. The most significant example is the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

The reason that a high LDL cholesterol level is terrible is that the LDL cholesterol that is floating around in the blood oxidizes and hardens. This causes it to stick to the arterial walls, restricting blood flow. Tea’s anti-oxidants have been shown to prevent this oxidation process, reducing the hurt that LDL cholesterol can do.

In other studies, black tea has also been shown to be just as effective as green tea in preventing certain diseases. For example, one study on oral cancer showed that consuming either green or black tea can significantly reduce the risk of oral cancer, particularly in those who smoke cigarettes and use other tobacco products.

In addition, some studies on breast cancer have shown that tea, whether black or green, helped to ensure that women had an appropriate level of the sex hormone binding globulin on critical days of their cycle. The level of binding globulin is vital because low levels of this hormone in pre-menopausal women have been associated with a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

So, as you can see, green tea isn’t the only tea that’s excellent for you. Drinking black tea is also a very healthy addition to your diet. And, that’s excellent news since 80% of the tea consumed in the world is black tea.

Black tea is available nearly any way you want it. There are hundreds of blends and flavors available, ensuring that every palate can be satisfied with some form of green tea. Nearly every restaurant you’ll visit offers tea as a beverage, and you can get bottled tea for when you’re on the go. No other beverage besides water is so simple to come by!

Tea, whether green or black, should be part of your everyday anti-oxidant intake, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Ensuring that your diet is rich in anti-oxidants is one of the simplest things you can do to slow down the aging process and prevent a wide variety of diseases.

So, go make yourself a huge cup of tea. And, don’t feel guilty if it’s not a cup of green tea. Black tea is excellent for you too, and may go a long way to helping you stay healthy and young for many years to come.

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