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Mytilene Greece, the Capital City of Lesbos Island With Unique Ouzo

The capital city of the Greek island of
Lesbos, Mytilene or Mitilini Greece has always been a rich and fertile
place. Citizens could afford to participate in the
Trojan War; Then they started colonizing neighboring
areas. A long, varied, yet violent history has left
fascinating archaeological ruins. Today local
residents press their own olive oil, make their own
soap, and they make ouzo! Yes that’s right Greek ouzo

Mytilene Greece is the capital city of the Aegean island,
Lesbos produces of ouzo a lickerish like liqueur that turns white when water is added.. The city of Mitilini is surrounded by fertile farmlands.
To the northwest, there are mountains. The city has a
gorgeous port, with frequent ferries to neighboring
islands. This city is home to the center of the Aegean University.

The whole island of Lesbos Greece was once called Mytilene.
The island was the kingdom of Makaras, who had 5
daughters and 4 sons. The cities of this Greek island were
named for these children. According to one legend,
King Lepithou married one of Makaras’ daughters. They
had a son named Lesvo. The island was named for him.
Or, possibly, Lesvos island was named Esvou, the
Phoenician word for seven.

Mytilene Greece has been civilized since 3000 BC. Siding
with Troy, Mytilene fought in the Trojan War. By the
Classical Age, Mytilene or Mitilini Greece was a major sea power with
ships traveling to Carthage and the Black Sea. Since
Mytilene had a large population and strong culture,
they started moving out and colonizing other areas.
Roman conquerors ruined much of the island. After
that the island of Lesvos Greece passed from Byzantine to Saracen to
Turkish rule. After the Crusades, Lesvos island was given
to the Genoese, where the people lived honestly
peacefully until the invasion of the Ottoman Empire.
Freed in 1912, Mytilene the city, Lesbos the island joined Greece in 1923.

The Germans did take over the island for 3 years
during World War II. After the war, Mytilene or Lesvos island was free

With this long and varied history, archaeologists have
uncovered a broad array of fascinating finds.
Scientists from the University of British Columbia
excavating a medieval castle, learned the burial
chambers of the Gattelusi family. This was the
Genoese family that rules much of the north Aegean
region from the mid 1300’s through the 1400’s. They
also uncovered a vampire burial. The remains of a
middle aged man were found with spikes through his
neck, torso and ankles. This may have been associated
with an Ottoman cemetery that spanned many periods.
Deeper excavation revealed a substantial Roman
building. And from the Classical Greek period,
archaeologists uncovered a sanctuary dedicated to
Demeter and Kore.

Modern Mytilene offers concerts on Lesvos Greece, theatrical
performances, especially including those of the
ancient dramas. Here the people still press their own
olive oil. They manufacture their own soaps.
Lesvos Greece is home to distilleries. Grapes are
distilled in alcohol, and then warmed uniformly so
anise can be added. The end product is raki,
rakitzides, best known as ouzo, the famed Greek
liqueur that turns white when water is added.

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