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Jiggly Wiggly Edible Hands – A Spooktacular Halloween Treat!

Jiggly Wiggly Hands make a really fun and creepy treat that your small group of ghouls and goblins will gobble up. Try this recipe out for the upcoming Halloween festivities.

This Halloween snack is simple to make and more fun to eat. But also, the jello treat you are about to make is a fantastic thought for an edible decoration if you are plotting on having a Halloween party.

What you’ll need:
- 2 1/2 cups of boiling water
- 4 packages* of any flavored gelatin
- 2 disposable gloves (clean!)
- cooking spray
- prepared drink mix or carbonated beverage

* each package serves four

First of all, stir the boiling water into the flavored gelatin. Use a medium-sized bowl and stir for around 2 minutes until the gelatin is dissolved. Then, refrigerate the mixture for around 10 minutes to cool.

While you are letting the gelatin cool, soak the 2 disposable gloves in warm water and make sure you rinse it well. You will need to squeeze out all the excess water to make the gloves dry out quicker.

Next, take the gloves and spray the insides with the cooking spray. The reason you need to do this is so the gloves will be simpler to remove from the gelatin, so make sure you are thorough when you spray the gloves. Then, slowly pour the gelatin into the gloves. Using a funnel to do this is very helpful. Once the gloves are filled, tie the opening with a twistie or use a rubber band. Place the filled gloves on a cookie or baking sheet. You will need to refrigerate the gloves for at least 4 hours or until the gelatin is set.

Once the gelatin has been refrigerated long enough, you simply cut the gloves away and presto! you have 2 Jiggly Wiggly Hands!

Now, you can use your hands as a decoration for your party that can be eaten later, or place the hands in a bowl of the chilled drink mix or soda and serve! Your guests will reckon you are the coolest and the kids will want to eat the hands immediately! Have fun!

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