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Stop Serving The Wrong Wine

Wine has been a well loved drink to serve with meals for centuries but many people get confused as to which wine goes best with what type of meal. To make matters worse, there’s more to wine than just red and white, there are many different varieties of wine to choose from as well. Here’s a guide to some of the most widely available wines, their flavor and what types of meals they go best with.

Sauvignon Blanc

This well loved white wine has an herbal, sometimes peppery aroma. When compared to Chardonnay you might find this to be a bit more acidic. It goes fantastic with any type of seafood dish.


This wine has a rich golden color and gives off an aroma of lemons and figs. Due to it’s low level of acidity, it is often blended with Sauvignon Blanc. While most white wines do not age gracefully, Semillon is one of the few that ages rather well. Semillon is a perfect match for cheese and should be added to the list for your next any wine and cheese party.


Another wine that has low acidity it can be paired with a variety of foods. It has the aroma of mineral stone, tropical fruits and flowers and makes a excellent match with white fish and pork as well as Chinese cuisine.


This is the king of white wines and a well loved dinner beverage. With it’s smoky or vanilla aroma it goes well with both white meat and fish.


This French white wine is a medium full bodied wine. It is a dry wine with a pale golden color and a fruity or floral aroma that hints at hazelnuts and honey. If you plot to serve Pouilly-Fuissé, make sure you serve it at 55 degrees Fahrenheit and pair it with turkey, pork, poultry, fish in a sauce, smoked fish or creamy cheese.


This wine is said to have been favored by the ancient Romans and according to rumor was the favorite wine of Pope Gregorio XVI. This pale yellow wine is crisp, dry and fresh. Best served cold it goes well with light dishes including seafood and poultry as well as soups.


This wine which originates in Austria has a very slight fruity taste and low acidity. It goes best with mild non-spicy dishes.

Pedro Ximénez

This syrupy desert wine hails from Spain and has a very strong taste reminiscent of molasses and raisins. This wine goes excellent with coffee and is often used poured right over vanilla ice cream.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This is one of the most well loved red wines and goes fantastic with fish such as salmon and trout as well as sauce free meats.


Another well loved red wine, Merlot has a high alcohol content and full body. It can have 3 flavors – an herbish plumb flavor, a currant and cherry flavor and a chocolate and cherry flavor. This dark colored wine goes fantastic with game meats, pate and even casseroles.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is an exceptionally flavored wine with a high alcohol content and medium to high acidity. It has the aroma of wilted roses with a hint of cola. It is a challenging wine to make and may cost a bit more but the flavor is worth the expense. Pinot Noir goes well with rabbit, chicken, ham, steak, boeuf bourguignon, and coq au vin.


Has a fruity taste and lush texture that makes it well loved among many Americans. It tastes of red berries and bramble and goes well with pizza and burgers or any meals with a red sauce such as pasta. For best taste, serve Zinfandel at 65 degrees.


This Italian red wine has a bold taste that goes with nearly any dish especially tomato rich dishes like braised rabbit as well as nature cheeses. Chianti has a bright red color and the aroma of violets.

So there you have it – a list of common wines and their best pairings. The next time you serve an vital dinner, you’ll be sure to have the right wine for the meal.

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