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Port Wine or Porto Wine is a Portuguese wine variety which is very sweet and fortified in texture. It is usually made in North Portugal. It is named after the city of Oporto, the main business centre of this wine. The Port wine is being produced since 15th century and is still very well loved amongst the wine lovers. Outside Portugal, it is very well-known in England since the Methuen Treaty of 1703, when wine traders got permission to import Port at low duty. At that time French war hindered the English wine lovers to taste the French wine and Port filled up this gap.

The same clones of Port wines are often made in several countries, for example Australia, U.S. etc. Outside Portugal, it was first made in St.Augustine around Florida in the 16th century and still it is made there.

The best time for cultivation is late September to mid October in Douro Valley and Baixo-Corgovalley. The inhabitants of these regions celebrate this time as a wine festival for five weeks. At this time – humans, harvesting equipments and nature join hands and yield Port wine.

Port wine is thicker and richer than any other red wines. The alcohol amount is also higher than any other red wines. The grape spirits are distilled first, after the sugar cubes are altered into alcohol. Then the fermentation resumes back.

The best time to serve Port wine is after meals and with cheese, butter or with cream sauce. Moreover, other dry foods like walnuts, chestnuts, cashews and hazelnuts can accelerate the smoothness of Port. Port flavours include several fruits like strawberries, raspberries, cherries, currants and should be taken with cheese like Cheddar and Glouster. Alcohol percentage in Port ranges within 18% to 30%. The aging of Port is possible as it has a large amount of alcohol. It can be stored safely in wooden case. Port should be served in between 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, as in this temperature Port has its best flavour and taste.

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