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There seem to many colleges nowadays that really delight in showing people how to make his or her own beer and wine at home. One person took this a step further, and opened a modern winemaking business. He lines up a bunch of people interested in making wine, and spends the next year (broken into four sessions) teaching others the how-to’s of winemaking. Based in New York, Rich Mattina opened a winery called MYO Wine, which stands for, “Make You Own Wine.”

First off, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms states that – on an annual basis – on household with two or more adults can make up to 200 gallons of wine a year, and 100 gallons of wine for a single adlut household. The course at the MYO Winery lasts for nine months, but the makers need not be present for the entire time.

Most winemaking in that region starts in September or October, when the first crops of grapes come in. The first session is when the grapes are crushed, and place into their first barrels to be set aside for a week to ferment naturally. After about a week and a half, the second session uses the pulp of the beginning mash, and the juices are squeezed out. These juices are then set aside with the yeast, to ferment until around February, when the third session is begun. Throughout this time, workers take care of the wine during its fermentation, draining it and removing the sediment as many times as necessary.

That time, the wine is place into different barrels, and set in racks. Come July or August, the final session gathers, and the wine is completely fermented, bottled, and labeled by the makers of the wine. Mattina charges about $2400 for a full barrel of wine to be made in his winery (that makes about 240 bottles), a half barrel (makes 120 bottles) for $1500, and a quarter-barrel (makes 60 bottles) for $800. Usually, he claims that many times, a group of people will get together to make a barrel, and thereby split the cost of the making of it. He claims to have had groups from bachelor party types, to helped living groups come in to make wine!

If this seems to be a bit too steep for your pocketbook, then try to find out if your local college has a winemaking class you can attend in the summertime. These classes are usually open to anyone 21 and older, and costs from $60 to about $200, depending on the cost of equipment. In addition, local wineries may have a class or two available. They may not have begun, but you can always go on a wine tour, and question them straight out if they do offer them or not. If not, then perhaps you can implant the thought in the head of the winery owners, and check back with them in a month or so.

Okay okay, enough of the facts. Let’s place some of this knowledge to use. You’re about to access over 190 homemade wine recipes. 190! You can pick and choose, make them all, or just open up your own house to friends who are looking to get into this fantastic leisure activity.
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