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Mysterious Scooby Doo Party Menu With Kids in Mind

Those fun and kooky teens have been running their Mystery Inc. company for a long time and Scooby Doo has been a part of the team for just a long. From the original Scooby Doo cartoon in the seventies to A Pup Named Scooby Doo to the cartoon movies and the live action movies this concept is still running strong. You’ll find that a party with this theme is a huge hit with the kids! Look out below for a fantastic party menu plot and a recipe suggestion or two.

Scooby snacks are hard to duplicate but bowls of beef jerky and dried beef sticks might be something that the cartoon character would like. These might be paired with a tray or two of cheese slices or bite sized cheese cubes. Eerie green monster punch is the only option for a Scooby Doo beverage. Use green food coloring to tint a punch made of equal parts citrus soda and lemon aide. Just before serving add a few scoops of lemon or lime sherbet. For a scarier punch try hard freezing the sherbet first. Then cut the sherbet into slices through the card board box with a bread or electric knife. These slices can then be cut into the shape of hands. These monster hands will float around in the Scooby Doo punch. Potato or corn chips and dip are expected for this snackers’ menu. Whatever is served just make sure there’s a lot!

Not all parties thrive on food alone but the food at your party is a excellent way satisfy your guests. There are plenty of Scooby Doo movies and cartoons to keep your guests entertained and you can certainly track down a few fun Scooby Doo themed party games. Try setting up your own small mystery for the kids to solve. If its around Halloween time you can take everyone trick or treating.

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