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The New Year Honey Cake

This time of year always marks the beginning of a very busy month for the Jewish community, there are a few major holidays that take part in a relatively small time with only a few days separating one holiday from the other.

The real excitement is usually over the Jewish new year, which is usually celebrated on September, and which is the first major holiday after Passover which takes place in April, so this is one holiday that gets all the attention. The preparation for “rosh hashana” the new year is, as always, filled with food buying and preparation of many traditional dishes, many of whom represent different things to different communities around the world, the new years feast can be very different from one place to the other.

One special feature of this holiday is the traditional honey cake that is eating in the end of the dinner and is served to guests as well as the family members at every occasion in this month, the honey cake is not only healthy and tasty, it is also a wish for a sweet new year that will come and used to welcome the beginning of the year.

The fascinating thing about this traditional cake is that there are a lot of different variations of it, it is one of the most well loved dishes that people like to personalize and make a change in, in contrary to many other traditional recipes that are never changed, the basic of this cake and the relative easiness of preparation allows many to try and add something and experiment with the flavors, something that makes a lot of different cakes and a multitude of recipes.

The things you will need to take into account when plotting to make a honey cake is that you should use high quality products, the fact that it is not a complicated cake does not make it a cheap one, if you use quality products it will be felt when eaten and the compliments will start knocking on your doors, poor quality honey will not produce the same effect probably because it will not stand the heat of the baking process so well and will effect the cakes takes and texture.

Remember that the best time to make and eat this cake is the end of the summer, even if you are not Jewish it is always nice to reckon that this cake and the preparation needed in making it encompasses in it a wish for a sweet and excellent new year, a successful and pleased beginning of yet another year.

Let me say one more thing, as many bakers around the world recommend, try and bring the feeling of happiness into the making of the cake, although it can not be tested or quantified a pleased baker usually makes fantastic cakes, and the means of doing that are as diverse as the cakes themselves, so sing, dance or just reckon pleased thoughts, and may you have a pleased new year, all the year.

Daniel Wiesz is a kosher baker, a professional in baking and bakery consulting, Daniel has recently started to publish his kosherbreadpro.com Kosher Recipes and his unique baking tales and philosophy on his site kosherbreadpro.com kosherbreadpro.com

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